Pasir Ris Punggol Rallies Behind Team Singapore Athletes


Pasir Ris Punggol Rallies Behind Team Singapore Athletes

29 April, 2015   Shawn Lim


Grassroot advisor DPM Teo Chee Hean, our Team Singapore athletes and residents of Pasir Ris West showing their support for their hometown heroes at the 28th SEA Games (Photo by Sport Singapore)


In the eyes of Pasir Ris West residents, the four athletes standing before them were more than sporting heroes, but fellow residents as well.

After all, our Team Singapore athletes Calvin Kang (Athletics), Sheik Ferdous (Pencak Silat) Sharifah Badriyah and Jowie Tan (Floorball) call Pasir Ris their home.

So as part of the Pasir Ris West SG50-SEA Games 2015 countdown, the constituency threw a big carnival for its constituents on 25 April and also unveiled a billboard which showcased the faces of our Team Singapore athletes residing in the constituency.

“I think it's good that we can come down to the community level. It's where I grew up and I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces today,” explained Kang,

“The support from the community is a good thing because we can come down before the main Games to gather support. It is like a rally for people to come and support us.

“It will be an additional boost for Team Singapore as we make our final preparations.”



(L to R) Team Singapore athletes Sheik Ferdous, Jowie Tan, Sharifah Badriyah and Calvin Kang with taxi drivers with painted their taxis red in a show of support (Photo by Sport Singapore)


In addition, residents also got a close-up look of the SEA Games dress-up in the heartlands and were told to lookout for the 250 taxis and 20 buses that will be dressing up the streets island-wide.

Bennie Lau, a resident in Pasir Ris for more than 10 years, was attending the carnival with his family after learning it was held in support of our Team Singapore athletes.

He admitted that he still has yet to think of a way to show his support for Team Singapore at the SEA Games, but shared that he will definitely rally behind our athletes.

“Honestly, I don't know how I will support Team Singapore at the SEA Games yet, but for a start, I will pen my message of support on the message board,” explained Lau.

“I am sure the whole of Singapore will rally behind them and hope for them to get medals and good results.”

His 11-year-old daughter, Kimmie, had no trouble explaining how she will show her support for Team Singapore.

“My school is getting us to design cards of encouragement to the athletes and we will be submitting them soon,” said the St Hilda’s Primary School student.

“I want to wish them good luck for the SEA Games and I hope they will do their best and prevail till the end of the competition.”



12-year-old Pasir Ris West resident pledging her support for our Team Singapore athletes (Photo by Sport Singapore)


Ong Chee Keong, organising chairman of Pasir Ris West’s SG 50 Projects Committee, was pleased with the huge turnout.

“This is the first SG50-SEA Games event that we have held in Pasir Ris and as residents and grassroots leaders of Pasir Ris West, we are all behind our Team Singapore and we really hope our athletes will do very well at the SEA Games so that they can do all Singaporeans proud.”

Ong also shared that there will be more alike events in the final lead up to the SEA Games.

“We will create a lot of awareness, in terms of the games that are on exhibition here at the carnival,” said the grassroots leader.

“We also have six Team Singapore athletes who are constituents of Pasir Ris West and their faces will be on banners all around the constituency, so that our residents can support them.

“We are planning to organise live-streaming for our residents during the SEA Games so that they can come together to cheer the athletes on”.


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