Incheon Daily: Twin threats

22 September, 2014   Simon Evans


Team Singapore's Lim Wei Wen (L) in action against South Korea's Jung Jinsun during their Men's Epee Individual Semifinal match (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)



Team Singapore’s Lim Wei Wen already has a bronze medal to his name after his triumph in the Men’s Individual Epee, but he says he is “desperate” for another triumph in Tuesday’s team event with teammate Samson Lee.

Singapore has entered the Men’s Team Epee for the first time, thanks to the excellent form of the two fencers, the fifth-ranked pairing will face 12th seed Kuwait in their last 16 bout.

Lim and Lee are good friends as well as teammates, but unfortunately the bad luck of the draw in the individual event put them up against each other in the round of 32, with Lim triumphing 15-13 in a superb, closely fought bout.

While Lim went on to secure his country’s first ever medal in Fencing at the Asian Games, he was left with mixed emotions after eliminating his teammate.

“We had come so far so we were kind of upset to have to face each other. I know that if we hadn’t gone against each other, Singapore could have gotten another medal,” said Lim.

“It’s not going to upset us in our performance as a team though. In our bout we respected each other as opponents – not as friends, brother, team-mates. In the end I won and we looked at each other, told each other – now we have to do it as a team,” he added.

Lee sat in the stands and watched his teammate's success, and while unsurprising to Lim, it was also a sign of their friendship and respect for each other.


Team Singapore's Lim Wei Wen holds a Singapore national flag as he stands on the podium to receive the bronze medal for the Men's Epee Individual tournament (Photo by Vivek Prakash / Sport Singapore)


“He still supported me and there was absolutely no negative energy at all. He was happy for me and we shared the emotions. We are really close, like brothers. Just as I am hungry for medal in the team event, I don’t want to be the only one winning a medal here. I am really desperate for Samson to get one in the team event, too,” added Lim.

It is clear that the pair share a close bond that they hope will translate into success at the Goyang Gymnasium on Tuesday, where they could face Mongolia or Vietnam if they can get past Kuwait.

“He is quite new and we have only worked together for a year – but we work so well together – we feel that when the three of us are on the piste, the connection is so deep and we combine our strength,” continued Lim.

“It is quite surreal that it works so well”.

Lee agrees that the pair are in great form but warns against any complacency against the Kuwaiti team.

“It doesn’t matter who we are fencing, this is the first time we are competing as a team. It is about having a shot and giving our best,” he said.

“I actually fenced one of the Kuwaitis Faesal Ashkanani in my individual and I beat him. We will see how it will be. My form and my teammate’s form are both good, and we are ready,” he added.



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