Action-packed ActiveSG open house at Bishan


Action-packed ActiveSG open house at Bishan

04 May, 2014   Alson Ong

bishan open house

One of the activities at the Bishan Open House included urban trekking which incorporates Nordic Walking techniques using specially-designed walking poles which are similar to ski poles to manoeuvre. (Photo by VoxSports)

It was an action-packed Sunday for those who turned up at  the Bishan Sports Centre for ActiveSG’s open house, as a slew of activities were held at the various venues for the public’s participation.

One of those activities included the growing urban trekking sport which incorporated Nordic Walking techniques - using specially-designed walking poles which are similar to ski poles to manoeuvre - into a full-body workout regime.

“The full body workout is also for people who have injuries that cause problems in walking or even Parkinson Disease, who can use this for their rehab,” said Philip Lim, the Principal of Nordic Academy Singapore, who was the main instructor for the activity.

Guided by instructors, first-time participants tried walking around the tracks with the walking poles and many were thrilled by their experience.

“Actually, I was quite curious as this is the first time I’m experiencing the nordic walking. So, after getting to know this sport and some hands-on, I find that it’s really good as it gives you a whole body workout and there is no pressure on any of your joints,” said Roslina Rahim.

A variety of indoor sports and activities were also available for people to try out at the air-conditioned sports hall. These included gymnastics, floorball, badminton, table tennis and table football (below).

bishan open house

Participants at a table football game trying to outwit each other. (Photo by VoxSports)

Attendees had a rare opportunity to learn the basics of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, and it was an event which drew the most attention from the ladies as they were captivated by the gymnasts’ elegant and graceful demonstrations. 

bishan open house
Visitors to the open house were captivated by the gymnasts’ elegant and graceful demonstrations. (Photo by VoxSports)

At Bishan stadium, there were a number of sports such as football, speedminton, frisbee and athletics. There were also inflatable games such as the gladiator, bungee running and bloop soccer.

Bloop soccer involved being in an inflatable spherical orb whereby participants had to manipulate the ball into the direction of other orbs and collide into them. It proved to be quite a hit, with throngs of people waiting their turn to try the sport. 

bishan open house
Bloop soccer involves participants in orbs clashing into each other. Not for the faint-hearted. (Photo by VoxSports)

A successful or failed run was always met with laughters and cheers by those on the sidelines, while those in the orbs continuously wore a smile as they attempted to hit each other.

Over at Bishan Swimming Complex, there were also activities held by the poolside such as the healthy cooking demos for those who sought a healthier diet.

Many parents expressed their gratitude for the hosting of the open house, as they felt it made for a good day out for the family and also helped inculcated the values of having a healthy lifestyle.

“I think it’s fantastic to have a carnival-like setting, on a Sunday which I think is very family-friendly. I will definitely bring my family to future events organised by ActiveSG,” said Seth Tan, a teacher.

If you have missed out on this and the earlier open houses, here’s your chance to participate in the last open house, which will be held at Pasir Ris Sports Centre (ActiveSG East) on 10 May 2014!


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