SNG2014: Family Connection At The Games

06 November, 2014   Julia Nga

SNG2014 table tennis

A large number of junior participants participated in the 12 different sports at the Singapore National Games (SNG) 2014.

Most of them were accompanied by their parents, who not only took on roles as spectators, but also as motivators and coaches.

Nine-year-old Zennieve Tan had a hard time competing in the Girls’ Under-18 Table Tennis category, taking on opponents who were much older than her.

However, Tan’s parents Nancy Quek and Daryl Tan were very supportive and cheered for her throughout the entire match, regardless of her performance.

After finishing the first set, a disappointed-looking Tan was given a pat on the shoulder by her mother, followed by words of encouragement before she went on to proceed the second set.

“We told her to relax. No pressure,” said Quek.

For Daryl Tan, the Games represented as an opportunity to showcase his love for his daughter He said, “We should give her the support she needs, since she put in the effort to train. As her parents, we can provide moral support by being present during their matches.”

Other parents also emphasised how important it was to be a pillar of support for their children at times like this.

“It’s not just about the table tennis skill, it's also about mental strength. Thus, support should be given to build them up gradually,” said Lynn Ng while her son, Joash Chua, took on his opponent in the Table Tennis Boys’ Under-18 game.

Other than being physically present, Ng would also ensure that her children had enough food before they go for any competitions.

It was not only the parents who came down to showcase their support for loved ones. Spouse and friends were present too. Angie Goh, 38, came to support her husband in the Basketball 5v5 at the OCBC Arena Hall 1.

“I brought the girls along today. To let them know that their father plays basketball, and he knows how to play it well.”


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