We've broken into the badminton top 10!

18 February, 2013   Singapore Badminton Association

Ranked as the 9th in the world, mixed doubles pair Vanessa Neo and Danny Bawa Chrisnanta has trained tirelessly to get to where they are. Six days a week, only resting on Sundays, the national badminton players are put through a rigorous training regime. Badminton requires great flexibility, skill, endurance and a sharp mind. So trainings are always short, but intense – intervals, long runs with timing caps and strength bursts are just the tip of the training iceberg.

This achievement did not happen overnight! It took years of cultivation and the strong will to press on. Vanessa Neo started her badminton journey early in Raffles Girls School (RGS). She made the choice to drop out of Raffles Junior College (RJC) to focus on her sporting career. She is now a national sponsored athlete!

Her partner Danny Bawa Chrisnanta also spent countless hours training hard. Though shy at first, Danny came to realize his potential and what it took to be a champion. Putting in great focus and effort in training, the muscular badminton player harnessed great attacking power.

The dynamic duo’s goal is qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympics! That dream is only possible if they focus and get the support they need. 

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