BSX Athletics launches second generation of BSXinsight


BSX Athletics launches second generation of BSXinsight


BSX Athletics, founded in 2012, is a Texas-based sports tech company that develops smart technology for endurance athletes. They have recently announced the launch of the

second generation BSXinsight.

The original BSXinsight was released last December. The device allows athletes to measure fitness and determine training levels. BSX Athletics has improved BSXinsight by extending the device’s capabilities to include real-time monitoring of muscle oxygenation, daily activity tracking, and third party connectivity. There is better firmware, software, and a redesigned app and website. You can see our full preview of the product’s launch here.

BSXinsight collects personal workout information. It enables athletes to alter their workouts to meet the optimal training performance. The device brings precision and understanding to training. It syncs users’ training data to not only iOS and Android devices, but also sports watches and bike computers. The information is easily stored for users to track and see their data. From there, you are able to improve your training. 

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Sport: Fitness and wellness/Athletics

Proficiency level: Expert/Intermediate

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