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Adidas Parley

Adidas partners with Parley to unveil swimwear line made of recycled ocean plastics

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Adidas revealed its new Parley Swimwear products which are made from recycled ocean plastics.

vr ping pong

Reddoll Games releases VR Ping Pong

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Virtual reality games have typically taken sports fans on the sidelines of their favorite sports or even on top of a ski slope, but they can also fans experience the basic, recreational sports, like ping pong.

smart paddle

Motionize, QuickBlade launch connected smart paddle for real-time paddle board analytics

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Israeli startup Motionize and QuickBlade Paddles have launched the Smart Paddle, which has real-time tracking and sensory technology for measuring technique that is built into the paddle boarding device.

fitbit CMO

Fitbit CMO Tim Rosa dishes on the future of wearable technology in sports

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Tim Rosa is the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Fitbit. Read what he has to say about the future of wearables.


Skelmet uses 3D scanning, printing to create customizable sports sunglasses

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If you’re an athlete who uses a pair of sunglasses, it may be impacting your performance more than you know.


Swedish company POC creates ski helmet rotational impact protection system SPIN

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POC, a Swedish company that works to develop protective gear for outdoor sports, is introducing a new technology for ski helmets called SPIN that helps to counter the effects of head-on collisions at an angle or “oblique impacts.”

fitness trackers

The evolution of fitness trackers for athletes and consumers

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The first wireless heart rate monitor was the Polar Sport Tester PE 2000, which was released in 1982. As you can imagine, a entire fitness tracking and wearables industry has significantly evolved since then.


Skulpt Scanner measures muscle quality, body fat to give personalized fitness advice

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Athletes and everyday people can use a small, handheld body scanner device along with a mobile app to receive customized workouts and nutrition plans based on specific measurements of their muscle quality and body fat.


NBA teams banned from using wearables data in contract negotiations, player transactions

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NBA teams will be limited in how they can use their access to data collected from wearable devices on their players, according to the new collective bargaining agreement between the league and players association.

Lionel Messi

Watch: Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez participate in drone kicking challenge on Japanese TV show

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FC Barcelona players Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez appeared last month on a Japanese TV show where people participate in different sports challenges.