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radar pace

Oakley, Intel launch innovative Radar Pace Eyewear

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Luxottica Group and Intel announced the launch of the new smart eyewear Radar Pace, which features a real-time voice activated coaching system.

FIFA mobile

FIFA Mobile is a 'brand new experience' for players on the go

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Electronic Arts Inc.’s FIFA has sat atop the video game world for so long that soccer stars like Lionel Messi and Neymar were young children when it first rose to prominence.

Zepp Play Soccer

Zepp Play Soccer launches sensor for world's most popular sport

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Since Zepp started launching wearable devices for baseball, golf, tennis and softball over the past three years, it finally decided it was time to launch a sensor for the world’s most popular sport.

athletics 101 - john and kerstin

Types of spike shoes in track and field

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Team Singapore athlete Kerstin Ong speaks with presenter John Yeong on the different types of spike shoes used in track and field.

Microsoft band

Fitness tracker Microsoft Band might be dead

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The writing is on the wall. The “Buy now” button for the Microsoft Band redirects to a general website. The Microsoft Band official Twitter account has been silent for more than a month.


Finally, a smart smartwatch

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SOWATCH is a Smartwatch that does not only track your heart rate and work only when instructed.

Video Assistant Referee

Watch: Dutch soccer player first to be given red card following Video Assistant Referee review

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A Willem II midfielder was assessed a red card and sent off from a Dutch Cup match Wednesday after a Video Assistant Referee sitting in a van advised a match official to change the original yellow card ruling.


Youth soccer wearable, the SockIt, lights up when kids kick properly

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San Clemente, California-based company, The SockIt, is hoping to help youth soccer players improve their skills with rubber sleeves that fit over kids’ shoes and cleats and light up when the ball is kicked properly.


Making every STEPP count

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A wearable created by runners for runners of any level, STEPP is a running coach which aims to improve your running form.

Video Assistant Referee

Video assistant referees to be tested in official soccer matches in the Netherlands

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The Video Assistant Referee for soccer will get its first test in official matches this week during the KNVB Cup in the Netherlands, according to the Royal Dutch Football Association.