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Jannah Monjiat
The bubbly Jannah (right most) is not called the life of the party for nothing. Photo: Facebook

Curious about volunteering with us for GetActive?

Meet Randall Wu and Jannah Monjiat, both of whom had the same calling, and grabbed the opportunity with both hands when the chance arose and have not looked back since.

Randall, a public servant, started volunteering for Team Nila in the build up to the SEA Games 2015 in Singapore. He recalls, “I chanced upon the recruitment drive and before I knew it, I found myself in the digital team as a Social Media Content Producer.”

Likewise, Jannah, who works at the Science Centre, and has volunteered at both the 28th SEA Games and at GetActive! Singapore last year, mentioned, “It all started out with an email blast by my company to send a representative to volunteer as a short term assigned staff. I decided to take the plunge and give it a go!”

Randall Wu
Randall Wu (right) poses with SEA Games gold medallist Sasha Christian. Photo: Instagram

These simple actions of answering the call to volunteer helped bring them down a road of experiences they would soon find hard to forget. Working in the digital team, Randall and Jannah were able to get behind the scenes and get first hand coverage of breaking news stories as well as direct access to athletes who were competing at the Games. They worked in different teams but had similar positive experiences when working together with their respective teams.

Jannah Monjiat
Behind the scenes as a Team Nila volunteer during the 28th SEA Games, Jannah seen here on the right. Photo: Facebook

In addition to being up close to the action, being part of history added an extra incentive to the volunteering experience, as Randall can attest to. When asked what was the most impactful experience of the SEA Games on him, he simply replied “Witnessing Soh Rui Yong winning Gold at the marathon event on home soil. Seeing Singapore athletes first and in action and looking on as the story unfolds before my eyes is amazing, and to unearth the smaller stories is even more amazing.”

Looking back, Jannah also still has fond memories of the event and people alike. “I am still in close contact with a few photographers and fellow digital leads from the SEA Games 2015. It’s the people behind the Games that just kept the fire for volunteerism going. The relationship with Team Nila is just like the Games torch, the flame still burns strong and it never extinguishes.”

Randall Wu
There are plenty of perks as a Team Nila volunteer, as Randall (left most) can attest to. Photo: Facebook

In the words of Randall if you are still on the fence whether to volunteer or not, “Volunteering is for everyone! It’s the attitude that counts!” Who knows? You may gain a lifetime friend or two or be the next volunteer to cover another momentous occasion in Singapore history! So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Team Nila for GetActive! Singapore today for an unforgettable and enriching experience!

For a list of available roles as a volunteer during GetActive!Singapore 2017, visit this link:

Visit to find out more on the available volunteer positions.

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