Active Health Discovery

Heartbeat@Bedok Discovery

Located conveniently on the first floor, you'll learn about the four domains of Active Health – Physical Activity, Nutrition, Screen time and Sleep so you can proactively manage your health.

There are also interactive self-assessment stations where you can test your balance, strength, mobility and more.

Or why not work up a sweat and join in some fun exercise programmes at the activity zone. We've designed them in small groups so it's nice and cosy.


What's more, there's also a community space open to interest groups to self-organise activities. So whether it's fitness activities or health and wellness talks, this is your space to use.

For bookings, register here.


While you're there, don't forget to book an appointment for a FREE Onboarding session at the Active Health Lab on Level 4.

Conducted by Active Health Experts, it's a body assessment that will show your current level of health and wellness. With that, the Experts will then advise you on the activities that are most suitable for you.