The beauty of a minute

09 December 2019
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The beauty of a minute

With so many of us pressed for time in today's working environment coupled with the rising number of distractions, it is hard to sometimes put time aside for physical activity. Before we get there, let us first examine on the phenomenon of 60 seconds and what exactly does take place within a single minute of time. Here are some examples:


In the digital space,

  1. Google would have processed over 3.8 million search queries
  2. There would have been 3.3 million Facebook posts
  3. There would be more than 448,000 tweets
  4. More than 65,000 photos would be uploaded on Instagram
  5. 500 hours of video would be uploaded on YouTube
  6. A whopping 29 million messages would be sent on Whatsapp


In the physical activity space,

  1. Usain bolt would have covered 745 meters
  2. Mario Silvestri would have done 47 burpees (Guinness World Records)
  3. Adam Sandel would have done 68 pull-ups (Guinness World Records)
  4. Miguel Angel Castro Rodriguez would have cycled more than 3km (Guiness World Records)

You get the idea.

The truth is that a lot can be achieved in a span of 60 seconds and the same can be applied when we wish to embark on a journey to adopt new habits. We recently launched #startwith60 and invite you to join us because all it takes is 60 seconds a day to begin a journey of positive change to your health via easy to physical activities that do not require any specialized equipment.


The beauty of a minute

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