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Be a Sport Volunteer!

Be part of the national movement that promotes the culture of giving, citizen partnership and social cohesion through sport volunteerism!

Join Team Nila to enjoy these opportunities and much more!

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Team Nila


Team Nila Training in action

Let’s learn and grow together as we battle the challenges of a fast-paced society!

Throughout the volunteering journey, Team Nila will be invited to attend courses to develop their potential and to build their capability.

Besides functional and leadership trainings, Team Nila will be equipped with relevant skillset to engage and contribute to the community prior to their activation. Some of the courses available include CPR + AED, leadership modules, Active Health onboarding etc.

Special Interest Groups

Be empowered through sport! We want to uncover the hidden potential of Team Nila and we are excited to offer opportunities for you to display your talent!

If you have a special interest and are keen to lead a ground-up activity, we will be glad to provide you with the necessary support. We have interest groups in Sport Safety, Photojournalist, Anti-Doping, Running, Floorball and much more!

Team Nila Interest Groups

Sport Volunteering

Team Nila Volunteering

Choose from a wide range of meaningful volunteering opportunities, specially curated for all Team Nila so as to foster community bonding amongst the volunteers, event organisers and participants!

Look out for volunteering opportunities in ActiveSG Academies & Clubs, SportCares, GetActive! Singapore, as well as other community and social projects!

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