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Appearing on Singapore’s newest Sports Talkshow, are our national waterpolo and cuesports athletes.

With only 5 weeks to the 2019 SEA Games, we speak to our Men’s Team Head Coach Dejan Milakovic and vice-skipper Lee Kai Yang, to discuss their preparations for a 28th consecutive gold medal. We’ll also catch up with Captain Koh Ting Ting and find out, the women’s team’s plans to reclaim the gold which they last held in 2011. Meanwhile, Peter Gilchrist will be looking to win his 6th straight Men’s Singles Billiards gold medal. And the 6-time world champion will be joined on the talkshow by his compatriots Marvin Lim (Snooker) and Sharik Sayed (Pool).

So don’t forget to catch SG SPORTS UNCUT with your host Raj Kumar on Wednesday, Oct 30 from 4pm onwards on SGSPORTS.TV



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