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Stepping up to lead a new team

03 July 2017
Rebecca Ling

“I play for my teammates, my parents, coaches and my fellow Singaporeans. I feel the need to play well for them.”
– Charmaine Soh

Two years after her team’s momentous win at the OCBC Arena, Charmaine is as hungry as ever to net gold with the team. However, the stakes are different this time around. Not only will the team have to defend their hard-fought gold in the home of their strongest regional opponent, Malaysia, Charmaine will be doing so with more responsibility on her shoulders – she's now the co-vice captain to a fresh crop of young players. 

Stepping up to lead after the departure of a few seniors from the 2015 winning squad, Charmaine found herself needing to mature into a leader for the sake of the team, which was a stark contrast to her more relaxed “nothing to lose” days earlier on in the circuit.

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“For example, I will take the initiative now and advise the girls on what to do. In the past, I tended to follow the instructions of the senior players. When things changed, me and the other senior players in the team had to step up and help our coach to lead the girls. It was scary initially.” explains the upbeat 27-year-old.

Charmaine admits readily that the new team is still growing together as a whole and the gelling together into a cohesive unit will take time. Nonetheless, Charmaine has complete trust in the potential of the new team.

“The younger players are more energetic. They have more stamina, more speed, so they are very different. During our recent training trip to New Zealand, we did pretty well against the teams there.” she shares.


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The new team isn't going to face their SEA Games opponents alone, however. With the help of video analysis from the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), the Singapore netball team has the advantage of having experts alongside them who will detail the weaknesses of their own performance with pinpoint accuracy.

“It helped before during our SEA Games final in 2015. Ever since then, we started to analyse, with the help of SSI, every game that we played.”

Leading into the final months of preparations for the SEA Games, Charmaine is excited to showcase the pure talent of her new team, and mentions that she is really excited at the prospect of meeting the Malaysian team again on court.

“The Malaysians don't know how our new team will play, but we know their style of play very well, plus, I have been playing against them since I was 19.”

“I feel that we have to go through this process. This is the start of a new cycle. My goal for this year is to help the Singapore team improve individually and as a team. And yes, actually, I am really excited to meet them (the Malaysian team) again.”

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