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Honouring his mentor by attempting to out-medal him

12 June 2017
Rebecca Ling

Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master. And with a mentor who is none other than Singapore's silat legend, Sheik Alau'ddin, Alfian has a monumental task to exceed his mentor's record of 4 SEA Games gold medals. It is a task he savours as he is a self-confessed fight junkie, and because he literally grew up with Sheik Alau'ddin's family.

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“Our families are close, and we even go out together sometimes,” he says. “During training, he's a bit tough at times, but I know it's for our own good. Outside of training, he's like a father to me. He will give out relationship and life advice. We joke about anything.

“He is the main person who inspires me and my teammates because he has already proved that he is a champion.” Alfian adds. “He now wants to build more champions like him, and is always by our side to guide us through.”

At this moment, Alfian is slightly under the halfway mark to his cherished goal of 5 SEA Games Golds. The upcoming Games in KL will present him with a shot to add one more to his total, and it is a moment that Alfian prepares for twice a day, six times a week, week after week.


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Stepping into one of silat's strongholds

This August, Alfian will be stepping into one of the traditional 'homes' of pencak silat – Kuala Lumpur. As Southeast Asia regularly churns out high-level pencak silat exponents, any one of them has the potential to put a dent into Alfian's dream of out-classing his mentor. Nevertheless, Alfian is unfazed as he sets his focus on the Gold, tirelessly working to refine and improve upon his form.

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Witness the triumph

As Alfian sets himself up for the next milestone of his remarkable journey, his opponents will expect nothing but full-on intensity from the defending champion. Expect an exhilarating pencak silat showdown that you won't want to miss!



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