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One Team Singapore Fund

What is the One Team Singapore Fund?

In March 2017, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth announced that a sum of $50 million has been pledged to match sports donations, dollar-for-dollar, over the next five years. This is over and above the amount of funding that is committed to High Performance Sport.

The One Team Singapore Fund has been created specifically for this, for all supporters of Team Singapore to contribute to enhance the High Performance Sport system for our athletes.

Why Contribute?

Supporting Team Singapore is a collective, shared endeavour. We are part of OneTeamSG and we can all make a difference.

Whether you’re an individual, an organisation or corporation, your contribution will make a difference to the long-term development and success of our Team Singapore athletes.

The High Performance Sport System has evolved over the years and has contributed to the recent successes of Team Singapore. To build on the pipeline for our athletes to have sustained podium success at the highest levels, we need to continue to invest in the HPS system.

With greater funding, we can improve on the breadth and depth of the high performance support for our athletes, enabling them to be competitive against the best in the world.

How the funds will be used?

All donations to the One Team Singapore Fund will be deployed in areas that will benefit Team Singapore athletes directly in their training and competition. It will also provide Team Singapore athletes with post-sport career or education support through grants.

All grants utilised will be based on mutually agreed plans between the NSA, athlete(s) and Sport Singapore.

Make a Contribution Now

FAQs (Public)

You may donate online through or by making your cross cheque payable to "Vision 2030 Fund". Do indicate on the back of your cheque, your name, address, contact number and NRIC.

Mail cheque to:
Sport Singapore Office
3 Stadium Drive, Singapore 397630
Attention: One Team Singapore Fund

Yes, we honour anonymous donations. Simply indicate your desire to remain anonymous and we will respect your request.

You can donate any amount as there is no minimum amount. Every dollar plays a part.

No. The Government will match all donations, dollar for dollar, into the One Team Singapore Fund, up to S$50 million.

Only cash donations are eligible for the matching grant into the One Team Singapore Fund.

Yes, donors are entitled to 250% tax deductions.

When donating, please provide your full name and NRIC in order to receive the tax deduction.

Your donation details will be provided directly to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and the donation deductions will be included automatically in your individual or corporate tax assessment, where applicable.

Sport Singapore will not be issuing any tax deductible receipts. You may keep the email donation acknowledgement as reference of your donation.

If you provide your identification number when you make a donation to the One Team Singapore Fund, we will help you make the submission to IRAS. You will not need the tax deductible receipts when submitting your annual tax assessment forms.

The Vision 2030 Fund was set up by Sport Singapore in 2014 as a charitable trust to enable donors to contribute in support of various programmes for the advancement, promotion and development of sport in Singapore. The One Team Singapore Matching Grant scheme in support of High Performance Sport is administered through the Vision 2030 Fund, and is supported by the Government dollar-for-dollar matching grant up to $50 million from FY17 to FY22 as announced in Budget 2017.

More information on the Vision 2030 Fund including financial information and annual reports are available on the Charity Portal (

All donations and matching grants in the One Team Singapore Fund will be used in the area of High Performance Sport for Team Singapore athletes in the area of competition opportunities, pathway development, coach development, management capability, data analytics, training environment and software, and sports science and medicine.

The One Team Singapore Fund will be used to enhance the High Performance Sport System based on mutually agreed long-term plans between the Singapore Sports Institute, National Sport Associations and athletes. The aim of the fund is to support and grow the pipeline of Team Singapore athletes to achieve sporting excellence at the continental, world and Olympic levels.

The use of the One Team Singapore Fund will be based on mutually agreed long-term High Performance Sport plans between the Singapore Sport Institute, National Sport Associations and athletes.

Yes, the annual report of the Vision 2030 Fund is publicly available on the Charity Portal (

If you are keen on donating to a specific sport, we recommend that you get in touch with the respective NSA. Donations raised by NSAs for the purpose of High Performance Sport are also eligible for the dollar-for-dollar matching grant through the One Team Singapore Fund.

The OTSF is catered specifically to the High Performance needs of Team Singapore athletes from sports that come from a recognised NSA.

Make a Contribution Now