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The jump event in water skiing is completely different from slalom and is governed by a different set of rules.

Unlike slalom water skiing, participants have to use two skis in order to jump. Jump water skiers will be pulled by a towboat over a ramp, in an attempt to travel as far as possible. As it can be quite challenging to hit the ramp, skiers are typically given a maximum of three tries to go over the ramp in a competition.

Jump ramps for women range from 1.5 metres to 1.65 metres, while men typically opt for ramps between 1.65 metres to 1.8 metres. Despite the difference in ramp heights, only the length traveled by the competitor after the jump will be taken into account. Boat speeds are the same as in slalom skiing, at a maximum of 58 kilometers per hour for men and 56 kilometers for women.

The skier will be scored based on the distance he or she managed to travel after the jump, and no points will be given for style. If he is unsuccessful in hitting the ramp or falls after jumping, that jump will be considered lost. Additionally, if he touches any point of the rope besides the handle, no points will be awarded for the jump, no matter the distance traveled.

The participant’s best scores out of all the jumps in a round will be the only score that counts. In the event of scores being tied, the competitors whose scores are affected will have to do a run off, meaning that they will be allowed two jumps. The longest distance by each will be recorded, and the tie broken accordingly. The run off will continue for as long as it takes, until the tie is broken.

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