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Image credit: Calvin Teoh/SportSG

In volleyball, there are six players on the court for each team. Each player starts in a specific location, but these locations are not to be confused with player positions-(setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, opposite or libero). Each player, with the exception of the libero, will rotate to each location in a clockwise manner before each serve.

Front row players stand nearer to the net and are responsible for blocking or hitting, while back row players are positioned in the middle or back of the court and are responsible for digging or defence. Back row players (with the exception of the libero) can attack the ball as long as they jump for the attack before the attack line.

Each time a team wins a point or before they start the serve, the serving team rotates clockwise. 

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Image credit: SportSG

If players move out of their locations before the ball is served, they will be called for overlapping or being out of position. A point is then awarded to the other team. If the team at fault was serving, the ball will be passed to the opposing team for service. Players need to be mindful of their locations and make sure they are in the right place in relation to their teammates.

Player positions are judged by the placement of their feet. Each front row player must have one foot on the court closer to the net than the feet of the player directly behind them. Players will rotate locations each time their team makes a serve, with the player in the RB location typically the server. If the serving team wins the point, the player who served the ball will do so till they lose a point.

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