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Image credit: Calvin Teoh/SportSG

There is not a lot you need for volleyball, but the equipment should follow fixed specifications. Below are illustrations and explanations of the different equipment you’ll need for a game.

  • The court is 18 metres long and nine metres wide. 
  • A net divides the court in half at the centre line. 
    • In Men's volleyball, the regulation net height is 2.43 metres . 
    • In Women's volleyball, the regulation net height is 2.24 metres 

graphic 4

The different lines and markings on the court are necessary to help play the game. (Image credit: SportSG)

  • Antenna are flexible rods with red-white stripes that are on the net to mark the out-of-bound area. This out-of-bound area extends all the way up to the ceiling and down to the floor.

  • The attack line is three metres from the net and runs parallel to the centre line, players from the back row must jump from behind this line if they are spiking the ball. The dotted line is the attack line extended outside the court.

  • The back zone is the area of the court inside the attack line, end line and side lines.

  • The end line is also called the baseline and it is at the end of the court.

  • The free zone (depicted by grey line) is the area outside the boundary lines of the court where players sometimes make plays.

  • The centre line is the line that runs under the net. This line divides the court into equal halves and runs the width if the court.

  • The net goes down the middle of the court and divides it into equal halves.

  • The replacement zone is an area (depicted by the brown lines) where the libero enters the game for a back row player.

  • The sidelines are the boundary lines on the sides of the court that connect the baselines.

  • The substitution zone (depicted by the blue area) is the area between the centre line and attack line along the sideline where substitutes and players enter or leave the court.

  • The service area is the area outside the court behind the end line. Its entire length is the width of the court and ends where the free zone ends. Players usually use the outermost ends of this space (usually within three metres) for serving.

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