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Triathlon 4

Image credit: CBK/SportSG

Transitions might appear insignificant but they are the most crucial part of a triathlon race. Everyone has their own unique routine that caters to their needs, so here are some tips to establish your very own transition style.

1.    Have a routine
You’ll find yourself scrambling around when you’re anxious, so get used to doing everything in the right order. It not only saves time but also minimizes the chances of you forgetting something or making a mistake.

2.    Know your equipment
This means familiarizing yourself with the little bits and bobs of your equipment. Whether it is clicking your helmet strap into place or tying your shoes, you will be surprised how time spent on these little things will accumulate and affect your timing.

3.    Rehearse
Practice makes perfect. To do a quick transition, you must be able to multi-task as any mistake could disastrously impact your timing. You will be surprised how little steps such as the position that you lay your equipment or taking off your wetsuit properly can save you lots of time.

Try to thoroughly analyze the route for transition. Find out if there is a set route, rehearse where your bike is and how you are going to transit.

4.    Stay Calm
Yes, stay calm as you transit. Anxiety can make us panic and lead to silly, unnecessary mistakes. Avoid errors that might slow you down. Lastly, keep in mind to not rush the process. Start slow with your routine and build up the speed as you become more familiar with it.

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