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The day of your triathlon has arrived, and it is finally time to witness the fruits of your labour. Novices tend to be a little absent-minded due to nerves, so in order to avoid slip-ups, make a to-do list for yourself as race day approaches.

The following are just some of the essentials that you should include on your list:


Stock up on energy before your race, and make sure that you have enough carbohydrates in you. Have a meal of simple carbs such as whole grain pasta, along with some lean protein. However, be sure not to eat any later than two hours before the start of the race, in order to give yourself enough time to digest. It would also be unwise to eat excessively, or try any new, unusual food.


Hydrate well, but, as with the eating, do not guzzle drinks during the two-hour period just before the race. Instead, take small sips. Forms of hydration may include either water or a sports drink that contains carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Check your bicycle

Test and check your bicycle before leaving home, and set aside some time for emergencies. It would certainly be disastrous if, having clocked a great timing for your swimming segment, you get on land only to find that your bicycle’s tyres are flat.

Pack your equipment

Prepare all the gear that you will need for the race, such as your attire, a post-race change of clothes, a filled water bottle, energy gel or bars, goggles, your bicycle, and a towel, ahead of time. Pack in a map of the race route too, and familiarise yourself with it in order to ensure smooth transitions between segments.

Apply sunscreen

It is likely that you will be exposed to the sun’s harsh rays throughout the race. Invest in a bottle of high-SPF waterproof sunscreen - you wouldn’t want to end up with peeling skin and a lobster-like colouring when you collect your race medal!


A good warm-up routine not only prevents you from picking up injuries, it also helps prepare your muscles for the intense physical activity you are about to undertake and will greatly improving your performance. Put in some thorough stretches and light jogging in order to warm your muscles up before the race.

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