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 Triathlon 2

Image credit: CBK/SportSG

Things can get a bit boring when there are no races to look forward to, but the off-season is usually a good time for athletes to brush up on what the areas they were found lacking. It can be tempting to get lazy, but you will regret it when you take on your next big race.

Try planning your off-season workout routines with these tips:

1.    Short, Intense Workouts
Try training in short but frequent intervals instead of doing long aerobic, cardio workouts. This not only boosts your power output but also prevents burnouts. You should use this time to take a break, but not get lazy either.

2.    Gain Weight
This is probably easier said than done. Increasing your weight allows your body to adapt to different conditions and encourages it to recruit more motor neurons and muscle fibers. If you can’t seem to gain weight, try training with a weighted vest that will give the same effect. When your weight goes down during the season, your muscles will last longer before they tire.

3.    Do lots of swimming
The more you swim, the better you get at it. Swimming is a sport that requires lots of technique and training, so try to allocate more time to practice your strokes.

4.    Hit the gym
Your goal at the gym should not be cardio. During the off-season, you should be seeking strength. Get off that treadmill and try lifting some light weights, before progressing slowly from there. Always remember not to burn yourself out or hurt your muscles, because you’ll pay for that during the season.

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