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A triathlon consists of three different sporting components, which can lead to quite a handful when it comes to equipment. However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, especially if you are just starting out.

1. Bike
If you are a novice, any bike will do. However, be sure to check that all of its components are tight, safe and greased, from the tires to the chain.

2. Bike Shorts
Get a pair of good quality bike shorts, which will help to prevent chafing and abrasions when you train for long periods.

3. Flat Kit Bag
Flat tires are inevitable, so be prepared for it by putting together a small flat kit bag and place it under your bike saddle. The contents should include a mini-pump, a tube and tire levers.

4. Helmet
When you’re riding fast, accidents are likely to happen. Protect your head by wearing a helmet while training or competing. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but make sure it passes the standardized test for safety.

5. Goggles
Certain weather conditions might necessitate the usage of different types of goggles. In general, it is advisable to own a pair with clear lenses, for cloudy weather, and another smoke-tinted pair that can double up as sunglasses on a bright day.

6. Digital Sports Watch
A simple sports watch can help you track your progress. The split timing function allows you to separate your timings according to different components.

7. Sunglasses

They might seem like a pricey investment but a proper pair of sport sunglasses are invaluable when it comes to keeping out the wind, rain, and bugs from your eyes.

8. Wetsuit
It might seem convenient to just dive in with a pair of swimming trunks but don’t. Get a wet suit. The initial tightness might seem strange at first, but it will come in handy on race day by keeping you warm and helping you stay level on the water.

9. Transition towel or mat
This mat will serve as a visual marker of where your bike is once you’re done swimming. Try getting the craziest looking towel to make spotting it easier.  

10. Water bottle
It is important to stay hydrated especially in intensive endurance sports, so make sure to keep a water bottle near you at all times.

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