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Much like every other sport, Triathlon has their own sets of rules for participants to follow. Most violations usually result in time penalties, ranging from one to twelve minutes depending on the situation.

Varying from country to country, there may be additional rules, so make sure you do some research before joining a race overseas.

Here’s an overview of some of the general rules:

1. If participants leave the marked course, they must re-enter on the same spot.
2. Participants are not allowed to receive any assistance, except from race officials.
3. Don’t endanger yourself or other participants.
4. Headsets or any personal audio devices are not allowed.
5. Glass containers are not allowed in the race. A violation of this rule will lead to disqualification.

  • Participants are allowed to use any stroke.
  • In order to adjust your goggles, you are allowed to tread water, float, stand or hold onto an inanimate object.
  • However, participants should not use inanimate objects like boats or buoys to push off other participants and gain an advantage.
  • Besides googles, no other swimming aids are allowed.

  • Participants are not allowed to mount their bikes before fastening their helmets.
  • No forward progress may be made without a bike. If the bike is inoperable, participants may push or carry it to the finishing line.
  • Drafting is not allowed. If you enter the draft zone of another participant, you have 15 seconds to pass or fall back.

  • No forward progress may be made through crawling. If a participant is not  able to continue running or walking, he has to leave the marked course until he has recovered.

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