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by Nicolette Mok

Having familiarised yourself with the techniques required for a tennis forehand swing, it’s now time to practise the backhand swing. Performed when the ball is coming towards you from the direction of your non-master side, this swing makes use of the opposite face of your racquet for the shot.

tennis 101Team Singapore's Stefanie Tan explains the steps to executing a double backhand to host John Yeong. Photo: SportSG

The preparatory move for the backhand swing is similar to that used for the forehand swing. Stand with you feet spaced comfortably apart and knees slightly bent, in either an open or closed stance. The backhand version of the open stance involves stepping towards your non-master side before the swing; its closed stance entails you facing your non-master side. For more information on these two stances, head over to our article on how to execute a forehand swing!

To move into the swing, turn your shoulders and racquet – simultaneously – in the direction of your non-master side. Do not, however, turn your head along with your body. You may opt to grasp the racquet with either one (single backhand) or both (double backhand) hands.

tennis 101Stefanie Tan demonstrating the execution of a double backhand. Photo: SportSG

Place your weight on your non-master side as you bring your racquet over your shoulder. The strings of your racquet should be facing the net. As you transfer your weight to the other side, find your aim by aligning your racquet’s butt cap to the ball. Swing it down, below the ball’s height, and hit it from underneath in one smooth movement.

Ensure that you finish with a follow-through, bringing your racquet over to your master side.

Of course, as with any other tennis move, it is important to get enough practice. Improve your backhand swing by getting a companion to feed you balls. Once you get more comfortable with this, practise alternating between using a forehand and backhand swing – you will certainly find yourself more prepared to take on the unpredictability of a match!

tennis 101 Ensure that you follow through after contact, bringing your racquet through to your master side. Photo: SportSG

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