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by Nicolette Mok

It’s back to the basics with this how-to piece, because it is essential to have a good grasp of your techniques. The forehand swing is an especially important move in a match, as it is a fundamental one that is done with your stronger hand.

Have a look at our guide on how to execute a forehand swing – you might just be able to improve your game by making some small changes!

tennis 101Team Singapore's Stefanie Tan demonstrates the execution of hitting a tennis forehand. Photo: SportSG

Begin your swing with a preparatory stance. Stand with your legs spaced comfortably apart and bent slightly. There are two stances that you might opt to take on: either the open stance or the closed stance.

The open stance involves standing with the front of your body facing the net. This stance facilitates quick movement and directional changes. The closed one, which is generally favoured by beginners, will require you to face the side of the court that corresponds to your master hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, face the right of the court.

tennis 101Stefanie Tan explains contact of the racquet hitting the ball, with strings facing the direction you want the ball to travel to. Photo: SportSG

Next, turn your shoulders towards your master side as you move into the swing. Bring the racquet in front of you and make contact with the ball when the strings of your racquet are aligned to face the net. If you are using an open stance, take a step to the right – assuming that you are right-handed – with your right foot before swinging and hitting the ball. End with a gentle follow through once you’ve made your shot.

The ball should be hit in the middle of your racquet, at the position that is commonly known as the “sweet spot”. Some drills that you can try in order to improve both your forehand swing and your accuracy include getting a companion to feed you balls, as well as practising just your swing, but without the balls.

tennis 101A common mistake made by beginners is contacting the ball with the elbow and arms behind your body. Photo: SportSG

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