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tennis lob

How to execute a tennis lob

Discover how and when to send the ball high and deep into your opponent’s court.

tennis volley

How to execute a tennis volley

A challenging move that requires speed and precision, the volley is a test of a player’s ability.

tennis 101 how to tutorial

How to execute an overhead smash in tennis

Rack up the points in your next tennis match with impressive overhead smashes!

tennis 101

How to hit a tennis forehand

Get your tennis basics right, starting with the forehand swing!

tennis 101

How to improve your tennis backhand swing for beginners

Master your tennis backhand swing with this guide!

tennis serve

How to serve in tennis

Get off to a good start in your tennis match with this guide!

Stefanie Tan

Path to the pros not a solo journey for Stefanie Tan

It’s not only about the individual player in a tennis match, according to Team Singapore tennis star Stefanie Tan, who speaks about the people who form part of her “team”.

tennis 101 how to tutorial

The right way to hold a tennis racquet

Find out how to grip your tennis racquet correctly.

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