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GetActive! singapore pesta sukan taekwondo competition Photo: Jia Xing/ SportSG
 05 August 2019 By Sport Singapore

Taekwondo competitors show their chops at GetActive! Singapore Pesta Sukan 2019

Taekwondo competitors show spectators what they are made of at the GetActive! Singapore Pesta Sukan 2019!

Young competitors battling it ou in the Quarter Finals, B Division Male Red Belt competition category. Photo by Cheah Cheng Poh/SportSG
 05 May 2018 By Gwen Kho

The National Interschool Taekwondo Championships

With the dust settling at this year's National Interschool Competitions, let's have a look back at what we missed out in the Taekwondo competitions.

chelsea sim feel the heart
 19 June 2017 By Rebecca Ling

Small but mighty: Chelsea Ann Sim

She may be small, but she has since gained so much more.