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How to hold a table tennis racket

An article that documents the most popular ways of holding a table tennis racket for the beginner.

How do you serve in table tennis?

Master the basics in table tennis by learning the right way to serve the ball in this tutorial.

Table Tennis Forehand and Backhand

Pick up tips on how to execute the table tennis forehand and backhand strokes.

How do you make a table tennis ball spin?

Find out how to execute the top spin, back spin, and side spin in the sport of table tennis in this tutorial.

How do you smash in table tennis?

Learn how to execute the forehand smash with our tips from this tutorial.

What is the proper footwork for table tennis?

Master the proper footwork technique to take your table tennis skill to the next level in this tutorial.

How is a doubles game played in table tennis?

Learn how to play a doubles game in table tennis with our tips in this article.

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