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Swimming Pregnancy

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By Sophia Seen

Most people may not know that swimming during pregnancy is extremely beneficial to both the fetus and the expectant mother. However, adequate care should be taken when swimming during pregnancy to ensure safety. 

Here are 5 reasons why swimming is good for pregnant women.

1. Swimming “lifts the load” of the child

Mothers often feel that pregnancy adds extra pounds and they feel weighed down. Swimming allows mothers to feel weightless and more carefree due to the buoyancy of water. 

In addition, swimming strengthens the core muscle and prevents the spine and shoulders from rounding forward. Hence, it helps to relieve the back strain often associated with pregnancy. 

2. Swimming is the choice exercise

Adequate exercise is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Swimming is the choice exercise as it is low-impact and stress and weight is not added to the joints.

Moreover, swimming is considered safer during pregnancy. Often times, pregnant mothers find themselves susceptible to falling as their balance is off. This risk is negated with swimming. 

In addition, overheating during pregnancy is a common concern and this may occur when engaging in other sports. Overheating seldom occurs when swimming due to the cooling effects of water.

3. Swimming is good for your overall well-being

Swimming allows mothers to burn calories and all this exercise makes them feel more awake and less tired. Moreover, swimming has the effect of promoting better sleep at night. Mothers would feel better rested and be better able to handle the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy. 

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4. Aerobic exercises during pregnancy helps during labour

In a study done by the University of Iowa College of Medicine, aerobic exercises like swimming were shown to significantly decreased the duration of the second stage of labor and the incidence of obstetric complications. 

Hence, swimming is beneficial for pregnant mothers as it increases the likelihood of smoother deliveries for their children. 

5. Exercise during pregnancy helps you to get back in shape faster after labour

Swimming engages and utilizes the major muscle groups of the arms, legs and back and keeps them tone. Hence, mothers who exercise during pregnancy get back in shape quicker as their muscles are stronger and firmer. 

Swimming safety for pregnant mothers

There are some things to note off while swimming during pregnancy to ensure the safety of both the mother and child. Firstly, mothers should slow down while exercising and be aware of how they are feeling when exercising to prevent from exhausting themselves. 

All strokes are suitable during early stages of pregnancy. In the later stages of pregnancy however, breaststroke is the preferred choice as it aims to strengthen the back and chest muscles. The backstroke should be avoided as it might exert pressure on the blood vessels of the abdomen. 

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