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Find out interesting facts about the sport of swimming in Singapore and around the world.

What is Para Swimming

Para Swimming is a sport where athletes are classified on their functional to perform each stroke, and their skills are tested in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and medley events.

What is the SwimSafer Programme?

The SwimSafer programme consists of six progressive stages. Survival and activity skills are taught in each stage of the programme, working progressively toward the next stage.

SwimSafer Open Water Programme

SwimSafer Open Water is designed to equip participants with the necessary water safety knowledge and survival skills in open water.

What muscle groups does swimming develop and its benefits

Swimming is an exercise that helps to develop the most complete set of muscle groups. Read this feature to find out what muscles are engaged when you swim different strokes.

How is swimming beneficial for pregnant women?

Learn about the benefits which swimming brings to pregnant women, and lead a healthier life even during pregnancy.

What is Open Water Swimming?

Find out what Open Water Swimming is, and the precautions you should take when swimming out of the public pool.

How did our Singapore swimmers fare at 27th SEA Games?

Overview of Team Singapore swimmers' performance at the 27th SEA Games 2013 held in Myanmar.

What is the difference between long course and short course swimming?

Find out the differences between swimming in a 25-metre pool as opposed to a 50-metre pool, and why some competitions in the world are short course competitions.

When is FINA Swimming World Cup held in Singapore?

Learn about one of the world's leading swimming meets and Singapore as one of the host cities for the competition.

Amanda Lim Team Singapore swimmer

Getting to know Milo Girl Amanda Lim

Find out about 10 interesting habits of Team Singapore swim star Amanda Lim as we get up close and personal with her.

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