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By Sophia Seen

Many of us enjoy listening to music while engaging in sport activities. We may even have thought of doing so while swimming. However, more often than not, electronic devices and water do not mix very well. 

Fortunately, it is actually possible for you to listen to music while swimming. In this article, we take a look at three MP3 players specifically designed for use underwater. Music lovers will find their swimming lessons far more enjoyable after reading this. The following items are all available in Singapore.

1. Sony W series MP3 Walkman

sony mp3 swimming
Photo Credit: Sony

The Sony W series MP3 Walkman is available in 3 models and different colours. It features a wireless design to allow for even greater mobility. 

Prices range from $99 to $159 with different models in this series having varying storage capacities and features. 

2. Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 player
speedo mp3 swimming
Photo Credit: Speedo

Speedo is a familiar swimming attire brand so it's not surprising that they designed an MP3 player specifically for underwater use too. The Speedo Aquabeat can be worn on either the swimming goggles, swimming costume or with a band on either the arm or wrist. 

The latest Speedo Aquabeat 2 model introduced a display screen, allowing you to see the title of the song that you are listening to. Prices range from $140 to $260. 

3. Nabaiji MP3 player
nabaiji mp3 swimming

Photo Credit: Nabaiji

In addition to functioning as a MP3 player, the Nabaiji has features such as a distance tracker and stopwatch. The MP3 player can be attached between the goggle head strap and the cap. It retails for $99.

An alternative - Lifeproof cases

Some of you might be thinking, is it really necessary to get another electronic device? Wouldn’t it be a hassle to transfer all your music to the MP3 player? The biggest benefit of the aforementioned MP3 players or most dedicated waterproof MP3 players is how small and light they are.

lifeproof cases
Photo Credit: Lifeproof

There is another option for those of us who do not necessarily want to get another electronic device. Lifeproof cases or similar waterproof cases for mobile phones would allow you to submerge your phone in water and take them for a swim. 

With your phone underwater with you, the possibilities are endless. You might want to consider using an arm or wristband to secure the phone. And this generally would work best with small light weight smartphones so as not to hinder your swimming. 

In fact, lifeproof cases are currently available only for iPhones, iPad mini and the Samsung Galaxy. 

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