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Since squash is won by winning more rallies than the opponent, being able to hit the ball and volley is very important as good shots helps a player to win rallies. Here are some useful tips and ways to improve your shots.


The most common method that squash players use to improve the accuracy of their shots is to do frequent target practice. Players who are able to control the direction of the ball better are usually the ones who win rallies.

Players should use targets when they practice, and place these targets where they want to hit for each shot. For beginners, the targets should be bigger while  experienced players should aim to have targets as small as possible in order to improve the accuracy. The player should then attempt to hit the target with a variety of different shots.


The most important thing for a player to do in order to increase the strength of his shots is to ensure that his stance is stable before attempting the shot. By ensuring the feet are firmly on the ground, the player will be able to inject more momentum and power into the swing. The player should attempt to maintain a stable stance by taking a side step before bending the knee and attempting to retrieve the shot, instead of taking a forward step. The player should also make sure to lean his weight on the front foot.

Players should time their run towards the ball, so that they can hit it at a point when the ball is moving towards them. Doing so will result in the player having more momentum when they swing the racquet, thus increasing the strength of the shot.


The simplest  way for a player to improve his speed in squash is to do sprints. The player should attempt to sprint from one end of the court to the other, touching  the floor of the court each time.

Another way for players to improve their speed is to change the way they grip the racquet. The standard way to hold the racquet is generally to hold the handle as if the player is shaking someone’s hand. Some players hold the racquet higher on the handle. This way, the player will achieve faster wrist mobility, which can improve the speed of the shot.

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