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Squash is a game that can be played both singles and doubles, with rules that are relatively simple to understand and adhere to.

The game is played on an indoor court, which is essentially four walls surrounding a playing ground. Each game can be played by either two players (known as a singles game) or four players (known as a doubles game), who will spin a racquet before the game in order to determine who should take the first serve.


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The squash court features an out line, which is the topmost line on the wall that runs to the side walls, a service line, as well as a line known as the tin, which has a similar role to a net in other ball games. For instance, if the squash ball touches the tin, it means that the ball is considered out. Two out-of-bounds lines run along the two side walls, and if the ball touches these lines, it is also considered out.

Once the first player has been decided, he can start the game by serving from either the left or right service box, which are essentially two rectangular boxes drawn on the playing ground. These service boxes are where players have to be in order to serve during the game. At least one of the player’s feet have to be touching the ground of the service box when serving, or it will be deemed an illegal serve. The player also has to make sure that his feet are not touching the lines that define the service box. When the ball has been served, it has to hit the front wall between the out line and service line in order for it to be considered a successful serve.

Players take turns to hit the ball after it has been served. The ball can be sent to any of the walls, as long as it does not touch the out line. However, players need to make sure that the ball hits the front wall after leaving the racquet and before it touches the ground, where it is allowed to bounce once.

The rally ends when one or more of these scenarios happen: if the ball bounces more than twice, if a player intentionally obstructs another player’s way, if the ball hits the tin, or if the ball hits the out line.

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