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There is a plethora of different shots that a player can use in squash, for a range of situations with different results.

Straight Dive

This is the most basic of all squash shots, and is frequently known as the good length shot. It involves hitting the ball parallel and close to the side wall, so that it travels to the back wall of the court, hence making it travel a good length.

This shot is executed by hitting the ball when it is at the highest point, and players should get to the ball early. Extend the arm holding the racquet completely, with the front knee bent at around 90 degrees, before bringing the racquet forwards and upwards.


This shot is done when the ball hits either one of the side walls before hitting the front wall. It can be categorised as both an offensive and defensive move. If the opponent is behind you, it is best to execute an attacking boast, whereas the defensive boast shot should be used when the player is behind the opponent.

The attacking boast sees the player hitting the ball against the side wall, making it rebound off the middle and bounce, before hitting the opposite side wall. The defensive boast aims to send the ball into the opposite side corner of the court, driving the ball into the nick (the point where the wall and floor meets) after rebounding off the middle.

Drop Shot

This shot is commonly used in most of racquet games, and it involves hitting the ball gently to make it fall at the front corner of the court. In most cases, the ball is aimed just slightly above the tin and falls just by the side wall.

This shot is very similar to the straight shot, except that the backswing involved in the drop shot is not as great, as the player does not require as much strength in a drop shot. The player should approach the ball by facing towards the side wall and keeping his shoulders parallel to that specific wall. Bend the knees, so that the racquet is at the height of the ball, and keep the racquet straight.


This shot involves hitting the ball high and softly, making it fall in the back court. Most often, the lob involves a high arc from the player hitting the ball at an angle. The lob is most commonly used when the opponent has used an attacking boast shot, thus forcing the player to run diagonally to receive the shot. The player should lunge towards the ball when lobbing, and flick his wrist when doing so.

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