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While tennis and squash share certain similarities, both sports also have a number of differences.


The biggest difference between the two sports are the courts. Squash courts feature walls that players hit the ball towards, whereas tennis courts are typically a rectangular, flat surface that is not enclosed. Tennis courts also feature a net in the middle that divides the court into two halves, and the ground of the court is usually made of grass, clay or concrete.


The racquets used in both tennis and squash might look similar, but racquets used in squash are frequently smaller. Tennis racquets cannot be more than 73.7 centimeters in length, with squash racquets limited to 68.6 centimeters.


The main difference between squash balls and tennis balls lie in the material – while squash balls are made of rubber with a hollow sphere, tennis balls are made of hollow rubber spheres with felt covering and are usually optic yellow in colour. Tennis balls are also 6.54 to 6.86 centimeters in diameter, compared to the maximum of 4.05 centimeter diameter that squash balls must have. Additionally, tennis balls are also heavier, with a maximum mass of 59.4 grams while squash balls weigh up to 25 grams.


Tennis players have to play the best of three games in order to be deemed the winner. The player has a maximum of one bounce to return the shot after the opponent has hit the ball, and has to ensure that the ball goes over the net while staying within the court’s boundaries. If the player fails to do so, a point will be awarded to the opponent. In order to win a game, the player has to be the first to score four points. In the event that the score is tied, the players have to continue playing until one has an advantage of two points.

Both tennis and squash can be played either by singles (two players against each other) or doubles (two players to a team, against the other team). Similarly, both sports start with a coin toss to determine which player should serve first, and players have to have at least one foot on the ground when serving.

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