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Muhammad Shakir in action during the recent 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Photo: Sport Singapore
 13 November 2018 By Wai Ling Au/Reuters Plus

The World Pencak Silat Championship 2018 is coming to Singapore

One of the lesser known sports around the world, Pencak Silat is the umbrella term used for the many different forms of Indonesian martial arts. The sport also recently made its Asian Games debut in Indonesia.

Nur Alfian Jumaen SportSG Ambassador
 30 October 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Nur Alfian: Discipline and hard work essential for success in sport and life

The image of silat exponent Muhammad Nur Alfian Bin Juma'en sobbing on the podium at the 2015 SEA Games, flag draped across his shoulders as he received the gold medal, has become an iconic one in the nation’s sporting history. He is the latest member to join the SportSG ambassadors family.

Team Singapore silat exponent Sheik Ferdous bin Sheik Alau'ddin
 27 August 2018 By Lee Yaocheng

AG2018: Silat now second only to swimming in medal tally

With three bronze medals from Sunday and another two silvers on Monday, Silat has a total of five medals and is now Singapore’s second-best performing sport in the 2018 Asian Games.

Team Singapore silat exponent Sheik Farhan bin Sheik Alau'ddin
 26 August 2018 By Lee Yaocheng

AG2018: Silat exponents bring home a trio of medals

Team Singapore silat exponents will be heading home with a haul of medals as Nurul Shafiqah Mohd Saiful, Sheik Farhan bin Sheik Alau'ddin and Siti Khadijah binte Mohd Shahrem each won a bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games on Sunday.

teamsg swimmers joseph danny darren zheng wen
 14 August 2018

Asian Games Special: 7 sports you wouldn't want to miss

As we close in on the Asian Games, check out some of the sports and events that would have you on the edge of your seat!

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