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silat violations

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In Silat, judges can deduct points from your final score for different violations. As such, other than being skillful, it is also important to avoid the mistakes below to achieve the best possible score: 

1.    One point is deducted per error made in movement or in their routine, known as Jurus. In the Regu category, one point will also be deducted each time a movement is not performed in sync to the rest of the team.

2.    Points are deducted in an incremental manner when the performance duration is less than three minutes:
6 - 10 seconds less, 10 points deduction penalty
11 - 15 seconds less, 15 points deduction penalty
≥ 16 seconds less, 20 points deduction penalty

3.    If the performance duration lasts more than three minutes, points will be deducted as well.
6 - 10 seconds more, 10 points deduction penalty
11 - 15 seconds more, 15 points deduction penalty
≥ 16 seconds more, 20 points deduction penalty

4.    Five points will be deducted each time the contestant crosses the arena border (10m x 10m) and was noticed to have done so by at least three Jury members.

5.    Five points will be deducted each time the contestant drops the weapon against prescription.

6.    Five points will be deducted if the contestant is not properly dressed, does not use a proper weapon or when his or her accessories fall off.


The World Pencak Silat Championship 2018 will be happening from 13 to 16 Dec. Click here for more info.

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