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silat competition procedures

Image credit: SportSG

In a Silat competition, there are four categories that participants known as Pesilats can participate in – Tanding (Match), Tunggal (Single), Ganda (Double) and Regu (Team).

Each category has it’s own set of rules and competition procedures.

Tanding (Match)
Participating Pesilats must first enter the arena to salute the Referee and Competition Chairman. Both Pesilats will then return to their respective corners.

The Referee will call forth both Pesilats to shake hands. After checking that all officials are ready, he will command both Pesilats to begin the match.

During break time, both Pesilats return to their respective corners where the Coaches can carry out their duties. Besides the Referee and contestants, no one else is allowed enter the arena.

When the final round is completed, both Pesilats will return to their respective corners while waiting for the announcement of the winner. The Referee calls forth both Pesilats again and lifts the winner’s hand.

After the announcement, both Pesilats will salute the Competition Chairman, shake hands and leave the arena.

Tunggal (Single)
The Ganda (Double) and Regu (Team) category share the same procedure.

Before the match, the weapons to be used will be checked against the weapon standards provided by the Organizing Committee.

Participating Pesilats will salute the Competition Chairman and Jury. The Competition Chairman then signals with a yellow flag to the competition officials to prepare for their duties.

At the sound of the Gong, contestants will start their performance. It begins with the Persilat opening greeting performed with bare hands, then continued with weapons. The Gong will sound again at the end of the performance. The participants will pay their respect to the Jury and the Competition Chairman and leave the arena.

The Jury has 30 seconds to give their scores. After which, the score sheets from the Jury will be collected.


The World Pencak Silat Championship 2018 will be happening from 13 to 16 Dec. Click here for more info.

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