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silat protests

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In the event that you feel unfairly judged in a match, you may protest. Such instances seldom occur. However if there is a need, do take note of the following rules when attempting a protest.

1.    To start a protest, your Team Manager should request for a protest form within 10 minutes after the contest completes.  Once completed, the form should be returned to the Competition secretary within the next 20 minutes.

2.    Within two hours after protest submission, a decision made by the Competition Chairman and Council of Referee-Jury will be conveyed to the Team Manager.

3.    If the first decision made was not acceptable, the Team Manager may submit an appeal within 20 minutes after the first decision.

4.    The Competition Chairman, Council of Referee-Jury and International Technical Delegate will then review the case and make the final decision within the next three hours.  

5.    A protest will only be reviewed if it is submitted according to the noble values and ethics of the Pesilat Pledge.

6.    Every protest will be charged a US$200 fee that will be given to the Treasurer of the Organizing Committee.


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