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The World Pencak Silat Championship 2018 will be happening from 13 to 16 Dec. Click here for more info.

silat getting started

How to get started in Silat

Keen on picking up Silat as a sport? Try out some of these foundation stances on your own.

Silat attire

Attire and equipment needed for Silat

Learn about the various rules regarding silat costumes and weapons.

silat scoring

Scoring in Silat

Learn how to score and how a silat competition is judged.

Silat rules

Silat rules and regulations

Learn about the rules that govern the various categories of silat competitions.

Silat categories

Categories and age classifications in Silat

Silat has four event categories and three age groups that participants may compete in. Find out more about them here.

Silat weight division

Silat weight divisions

Each silat Tanding competition involves two strict weigh-in processes in order to ensure that contestants adhere to their own weight classes.

silat weapons

Commonly used weapons in Silat

We share with you some commonly used weapons in Silat and how they are utilised.

silat competition procedures

Silat competition procedures

Silat is a sport built on tradition and respect. As such, silat competitions observe procedures based on these traditions.

silat protests

Protest procedures in Silat

Learn more about the steps you should take if you wish to protest against a judge’s decision in silat.

silat violations

Violations and penalties in Silat

Keep away from these common faults to prevent unnecessary deduction of points.

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