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 dry firing

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There are a few drills that can help improve shooting accuracy and the most common is dry firing. Many athletes engage in dry firing because this activity can be done at home and cost nothing because no ammunition is used. Due to the fact that dry firing can be done at home or alone, the athlete can better concentrate on getting used to the feel of the gun and how much trigger pressure is needed to discharge their firearm. Make sure you do not rush through the drills because this is the time you can take to perfect your stances and firing positions before stepping on to a range.

But before we start dry firing, we need to be conscious of safety issues. Before dry firing, make sure your firearm is unloaded and remove any ammunition from your practice area. You should practice in an environment that allows you to point your firearm in an empty space or safe direction. Pick a spot or target on the opposite wall, focus and line up your front sight before gently squeezing the trigger. The purpose of this drill is to develop your trigger sense by finding the right amount of strength to discharge ammunition without moving your firearm off the target. Practice pulling the trigger using different parts of your trigger finger to find the best position and strength for pulling the trigger while keeping your sight on target.

The next drill to practise is the Wall Drill and this is done with an unloaded firearm pointed to a blank wall with the muzzle approximately one inch away. Line up the front sight using the rear sight, concentrate and press the trigger till you hear the click. Concentrate on the front sight when you press the trigger. If it moves or wavers, it indicates that you have moved the gun while pressing the trigger. This drill will help you concentrate on sighting the target through the front sight by focusing through the rear sight.

The Balance Drill is a fun way to practice dry firing and will help hone your grip. Place a coin or empty shell casing on the top of the gun near the front sight. Adopt your firing stance and hold your firearm in the firing position. Try to keep the coin or casing on the gun while dry firing. Do note that this drill will not be suitable for firearms with a higher protruding front sight.

You should have some goals in mind when dry firing, because it will help you improve the mechanics of your firing. By understanding proper firing stances, your body will learn to better absorb the recoil and help you stay on target.

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