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Rifle and Pistol events use two types of targets - paper targets or Electronic Scoring Targets (EST). Specifications like dimensions and scoring ring width must comply with appropriate rules.

The difference between these two types of targets is that shots fired on paper targets are determined by officials before the final score is given, wherelse EST shots are determined electronically via a computer system. Additionally, paper targets are scored in full ring numbers while ESTs are scored in decimal values.

All targets must be examined to ensure the quality and dimensions are uniform before the start of competition. Only targets approved by the technical delegate can be used.

Shooting Graphic 2
Standard 25m & 50m Rifle and Pistol event target (This target is 154.4 mm in diameter, with the 4th ring measuring 106.4 mm and 9th ring measuring 10.4 mm.
It is fixed 0.75 m off the ground.) Image credit: SportSG

Shotgun events use targets called clay pigeons. They are shaped like an inverted saucer and made with a mixture of chalk and pitch, so they can withstand high velocities when they are thrown from the target houses. Their composition also makes them very brittle, thus they break very easily when hit by the bullets.

Such targets are usually black, but there are other colours like white, yellow, or fluorescent orange. Organising committees will pick colours that help the target stand out against different lighting or  background conditions.

In addition to  this, "flash" targets that contain red non-toxic powder is used. This is to help officials have a clearer way to assess if the targets are shot. Flash targets will emit a red 'cloud' when shot, so officials can better determine if the athlete's shot is successful.

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