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 Shooting Singapore 2

Image credit: John Heng/SportSG

At the 2015 SEA Games, there will be 26 shooting events classified into three categories - Rifle,  Pistol and Shotgun.

Events for Men (Team and Individual)

Events for Women (Team and Individual)

10m Air Rifle

10m Air Rifle

50m Rifle Prone

50m 3-Position Rifle

10m Air Pistol

50m Rifle Prone

50m Free Pistol

10m Air Pistol

Precision Pistol Competition

25m Sports Pistol


Precision Pistol Competition



The 10m Air Rifle event involves a shoulder-mounted gun that uses compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) to shoot lead pellets at a static target. Shooters can only shoot in a standing position and the event is won by the shooter or team who scores the most points during the competition.

Only female shooters are eligible for the 50m 3-Position rifle event at the 2015 SEA Games. It uses the .22 long rifle and is unique as the event makes participants shoot at a static target in prone, standing and kneeling positions. However, shooters only shoot in a standing position at the finals. The shooter with the highest aggregate score wins the competition.

Shooting Graphic 1

 Image credit: SportSG

The 50m Rifle Prone event uses the .22 long rifle and shots are fired at a static target in a prone position. The final is a series of 10 shots taken at 45-second intervals, and the shooter with the highest aggregate score wins the competition.

The 10m Air Pistol event uses the 4.5mm air gun and pellets are shot using compressed air. The shooter has no restriction on the interval between each shot, but needs to complete all shots within the allocated time frame.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Open only to female shooters at the 2015 SEA Games, the 25m Sports Pistol event uses the .22 long rifle and rimfire bullets. There are three stages to this event - the precision, rapid-fire and the final. Only the top eight shooters with the highest scores after two stages can advance to the finals. The shooter with the highest score in total wins.

The 50m Free Pistol event is only open to male shooters at the 2015 SEA Games and uses the .22 revolver or pistol. Shooters  can only load one round at a time and an optical sight isn't allowed. The most important rule is the shooter is not allowed to support the shooting arm in any way.

The Precision Pistol Competition uses .32 revolvers or semi-automatic pistols. Shooters will shoot in a series of stages and in various positions like standing, standing with support, prone and kneeling. The shooter or team with the highest aggregate score wins.

Trap and Skeet are events that uses the shotgun and are part of clay pigeon shooting. In the Trap event, the target moves away from the shooter at varying angles and the longer the shooter takes to shoot, the further the target travels. In Skeet shooting, the targets travel across the shooter and always follow a fixed path. Shooters need to take into consideration the wind speed when firing in these events. The shooter or team with the highest aggregate score wins.

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