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In general, equipment, accessories and ammunition regulations for shotgun events are similar to the other shooting events. Equipment, accessories and ammunition must comply with ISSF rules; and any gun, accessory, device or equipment that allows athletes to have an advantage is not permitted.

The shotgun jury is responsible for checking and making sure all equipment, accessories and ammunitions comply with given regulations. Equipment control consultation is typically available from the first day of pre-event training, so athletes can have their equipment checked and approved prior to the competition. The jury will perform checks on random athletes to ensure all regulations are followed, and athletes found to have violated regulations may be disqualified.

Pump action shotguns, any shotgun exceeding 12 gauge and guns with trigger release action are not permitted. All smoothbore shotguns, including semi-automatics may be used. However, shotguns with slings or straps attached are not permitted.

Athletes with guns that have magazines must have it blocked, so only one cartridge can be loaded at any one time. It is against regulations to modify or change an existing part on a properly functioning gun in any round of competition. Cartridge inspection is also carried out during the competition. The referee or jury member will remove an unfired cartridge from the athlete's gun for inspection. This inspection can happen at any time, as long as the athlete is standing within the shooting area. Athletes found to have ammunition that fail the inspection are disqualified.

Ammunition regulations are
●    Pellets must be spherical in shape with a shot charge not exceeding 24.5 g and diameter not exceeding 2.6 mm.
●    Pellets must be made of lead or any other ISSF-approved material, and may be plated.
●    Black powder, tracer, incendiary, or other special types of cartridges are prohibited.

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