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Across the different events involving the rifle, only single loader rifles that are manually loaded can be used. Devices, mechanisms or systems that reduce rifle movement are not permitted. Barrels and extension tubes also must not be perforated in any way. Other than rifling and chambering for pellets, any other construction or device within the barrel or tubes is not permitted.

Sights that contain any elements that aid in optical enhancement are also not permitted. However, polarising filters may be fitted to the front or rear sight. Blinders not more than 30 mm deep may be attached to the rifle, but must not be used on the side of the aiming eye.Prisms or mirror devices may be used in place or magnifying lenses, but only when shooting from the right shoulder while aiming with the left eye.

Any electronic components must already be attached and included on the rifle when it is submitted for inspection by Equipment Control. Athletes are permitted to use a rifle rest between shots, but the stand must not exceed the height of the athlete's shoulder and must not intrude on the athletes from either side. The rifle must be held by the athlete at all times while it is resting on the stand.

The total length of the Air Rifle must not exceed 850 mm and the front sight is not permitted to extend beyond the muzzle. The rifle for male athletes should not weigh more than 8.0kg when all accessories are included, and the maximum weight for female athletes is 6.5kg. Only bullets made of lead or similar soft materials are permitted.

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