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 Shooting Singapore 3

Image credit: John Heng/SportSG

Pistols and revolvers like the Rimfire and Centre-fire are used for pistol events. The Rimfire uses .22 long rifle cartridges while the Centre-fire uses .30-.38 cartridges. Air pistols, on the other hand  use compressed air to expel the bullets, and fire .177 calibre bullets. Athletes must use the same pistol in all stages of the competition unless it ceases to function.

Regardless of the type of pistol or revolver, no part of the grip is allowed to extend beyond the palm and wrist area. When the handgun is held in a firing position, the wrist must be visibly free and able to move with ease. Grip adjustments are permitted, provided they comply to the regulation and pass the Equipment Control checks.

Mirror, laser-beam, optical, or electronically projected sights are not permitted. Only open sights are allowed. Aiming devices that activate the firing mechanism are also not permitted. Corrective glasses and lenses may be worn by athletes, but corrective filters and lenses are not permitted on the hand guns.

Athletes are permitted to use electronic triggers, but must attach them firmly within their area of use. The trigger must be operated by the hand that holds the hand gun. Regulations place great importance in testing the trigger pull weight of all hand guns. Some handguns may have a longer and heavier first trigger pull, and a lighter and shorter subsequent trigger pull. Equipment Control officials will conduct the tests and handguns that are unable to maintain a minimum weight of the trigger pull through a series of test shots will not be permitted for use during competitions.

Athletes will also be able to check the trigger pull weight of their handguns before and during practice sessions and competition. Random trigger weight tests are conducted after qualification rounds or after the hand gun has fired 60 shots, with at least one athlete from each range section selected for the test. Athletes are allowed three attempts to lift the trigger weight during testing, and athletes with handguns that fail the trigger weight test or fail to submit their handguns for testing will be disqualified.

Athletes should have at least 50 rounds of ammunition, and all pellets or projectiles must be made from lead or a similar soft material. Equipment control will collect and test 10 pellets  from random athletes before each 30-shot qualification stage to carry out a muzzle velocity test. The test is repeated if the average velocity of six shots is less than 250.0 m/sec. If the average speed is still below 250.0 m/sec after a second testing, the athlete is disqualified.

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