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 sepak takraw training

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As with any sport, all sepak takraw training sessions should start with warm-up exercises. Often requiring a high amount of flexibility, agility, and strength, sepak takraw players should ensure that their muscles are properly warmed up before beginning any activities on the court.

Simple stretches would be a good way to start the warm-up session. Find a comfortable position on the ground, and sit cross-legged. Stretch out a leg in front of you and bend to touch your toes, all while keeping your body lengthened and pressed close to your knee, with your chin reaching out for your ankle as far as possible. Hold in this position for half a minute, relax, then repeat this stretch with the other leg.

After stretching, move on to running a simple obstacle course made out of cones, in order to train your speed and agility. Place five cones in a straight line and run, zig-zag, through the cones. Repeat this activity, but run backwards this time.

Having finished the basic drills, it is now time to work with a ball. Begin by familiarising yourself with the feel of the ball with some low inside kicks - that is, hitting the ball with the inside of your foot. Pass the ball from your left to your right foot while keeping it in the air at all times. Do so continuously for about a minute. Rest, then repeat.

Next, work on some simple passes. Pair up with a teammate, and stand opposite each other. Do some basic low passes using the inside kick. Increase the distance between the both of you with each pass for an added challenge. Team up with another pair after, say, fifteen minutes of activity. Stand in a square, with each player in a corner, and work with just one ball.

Having completed the simpler exercises, you may now progress to practising the more complex kicks and spikes. Have a teammate or coach feed you balls over the net and work on one type of kick at a time, till you are satisfied with your performance. Do the same with other variations.

Finally, split up into two teams and play a friendly match! This not only helps you to understand the rules of the game better, but also simulates real competition conditions.

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