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GetActive! Singapore Pesta Sukan 2019 sepak takraw photo: Leong AC/ SportSG
 30 July 2019 By Sport Singapore

Gravity-defying sepak takraw action at GetActive Singapore Pesta Sukan 2019

Check out the gravity-defying action as the sepak takraw competition gets underway at the GetActive! Singapore Pesta Sukan 2019!

asian games 2018 sepak takraw
 31 August 2018 By Philip Goh

AG2018: Takraw makes case for full-time athletes with double-bronze showing

Team Singapore’s sepak takraw team delivered yet another medal on the penultimate day (31 Aug) of Asian Games

From left Muhd Farhan Aman Muhd Asri Aron and Afif Safiee
 27 August 2018 By Philip Goh

AG2018: Takraw boys secure regu bronze in Palembang

For a second Asian Games running, sepak takraw will not return empty-handed. Today (27 Aug) in Palembang, Singapore secured a joint-bronze in the Men’s Regu after successfully negotiating the group phase to enter the semi-final.

Sepak Takraw Competition at Heartbeat@Bedok on 5 Aug 2018 during the Sepak Takraw Singapore National Games. Photo by Samuel Dai/SportSG
 08 August 2018 By Raphael Rios

Sepak Takraw matches excites all with gravity defying kicks for the Singapore National Games 2018

Acrobatics, athletics, and awe were in no short order during the Sepak Takraw matches for the Singapore National Games 2018.

getactive singapore sepak takraw competition
 04 August 2017 By Lee Yaocheng/ Reuters Plus

Reforging old friendships through GetActive! Singapore

People play sports for many different reasons – the pursuit of winning, to keep fit, or even to ward off boredom. One undeniably large part of why we take part in team sports, however, is the social element.