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sepak takraw techniques and skills 

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Often involving agility, flexibility, and strength, sepak takraw is a sport that combines many different kicks, spikes, and serves. These range from basic ones that most beginners would be able to pick up easily, to the more acrobatic kinds that require long periods of training and practice to execute flawlessly.

Inside kick
Regarded as the most common and basic kick in sepak takraw, the inside kick is used for controlling the ball. This is done with the inside of the foot, as its name implies. Stand with your feet apart, and bend your supporting leg a little. Hit the ball with the inside of your other foot.

Outside kick
Not very commonly used, the outside kick is a defensive kick that propels the ball upwards. To execute an outside kick, the outside of your foot must make contact with the ball as your knee bends inwards. The entire kicking leg should make a right angle at the knee, with the calf and foot pointing outwards.

Knee kick
The knee kick actually utilises the thigh - the ball is hit with the part of the thigh that is just above your knee. The stance is reminiscent of marching, but your knees would have to be raised as high as possible. This kick is usually done by players receiving a serve.

Not unlike a football header, a header spike in sepak takraw involves the use of the forehead to make the ball fly, especially when it’s too high in the air for your kick to reach it. This technique is used for both serving and striking.

Horse kick serve
A horse kick serve is difficult to accomplish, and requires a high level of skill and flexibility. The horse kick actually refers to a high kick; kick as high as you need the ball to go, and, using your foot, hit the ball backwards over your shoulder or head.

Sunback spike
A sunback spike is similar to the horse kick, but done in a jump. To master this, take off on one leg and and kick the other up (a scissor kick) while still in the air. Before finishing the jump-kick, hit the ball over your shoulder or head with your other leg.

Roll spike
A simple roll spike refers to jumping on one leg and flipping in the direction that you want your ball to move, all while remaining airborne. Using the other foot, kick the ball over your opposite shoulder. You should perform the entire spike while still in the air, only landing after you have made contact with the ball.

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