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sepak takraw scoring and infringements 

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There is more to mastering the sport of sepak takraw  than simply being skillful. Getting familiarized with the scoring system is essential to winning a sepak takraw game.

Read on for the Sepak Takraw scoring system in a nutshell.

-    The serving Regu is awarded a point when it hits the ball in bounds that the opponent can’t return within three touches or when the opponent hits the ball out of bounds.
-    Either side can score a point on any serve, but the Regu that wins a point will get the next serve.
-    The opponent is awarded a point, whenever the serving or receiving Regu commits a fault.
-    Each game consists of two sets. The winning point for a set is 21 points.  
-    In an event of a tie score at 20-20, the set shall be decided on a difference of two points, up to a ceiling of 25 points.
-    The Regu that wins two sets first will be the winner of the match.

Besides scoring, it is also good to know these common faults in Sepak Takraw to avoid any unnecessary mistakes or loss of points.

-    The Regu hitting the ball more than three times in succession.

-    The ball hitting the net but not going over it.

-    Whenever any part of the player’s body touches, crosses the plane of or goes under the net.

-    The Tekong jumps off the ground to execute the service.

-    The serve touches another player from the serving team before crossing over to the opponent’s court.

-    When a player uses his hands, or any other part of his arms to facilitate the execution of a kick even if the hand or arm does not directly touch the ball.

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